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Why we became a plug

About Us

During the heat of Covid lockdown, we became fascinated with the idea of bringing people closer together and providing good cheer. The pandemic had confined people to a space and deprieved them the opportunity to reach out and celebrate special days with loved ones like they used to, so we thought about a way of navigating this new reality.

Hailerz was born out of necessity to build, nurture and strengthen relationships. We connect people to their favourite celebs, influencers, in all positive way. On this platform, fans have unrestricted access to their favourite celebs who can join in celebrating loved ones. Conversely, talents have a more intuitive way to genuinely bond with their fans in Africa/diaspora.

Our mission is simply to provide good cheer for all. Hence, we have incorporated all that Hailerz embodies into our brand identity. The logo symbolises “twale,” a nigerian lingo that depicts salutation with both hands in the air - a mark of respect.


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